first two weeks of vipkid update

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Hello, hello! I am checking in as I am at my two week marker since I taught my first class with VIPKid! For those who don’t know, VIPKid is an online platform for teaching English to students in China! My classes are one-on-one, 25 minute sessions. The average age of my students so far has been 7-10 years old, but in general students can range from about 4-12 years old! I wanted this job because 1. Teaching English with kids is a lot of fun, and 2. I can take this job anywhere!

Thoughts so far:

LOVE! I have loved my experience so far. It has taken these two weeks for me to really start to get consistent classes booked. In my opinion, this has been for the best! Without having a fully jam packed schedule, I have been able to really prepare for the classes I do have and really focus on building good habits in my classes! I have also had time to take the free workshops VIPKid offers, which has also been super beneficial!

Things I like:

My students! The majority of the time, my students are great. Very intelligent, and fun to work with!

The lessons. They are pretty fun to teach! The lessons are made for you, so all you have to do is prepare how you would like to teach them. I love having props for my classes! Makes it more interesting for the student and for me!

That classes are just 25 minutes long. This is great, great, great. The students are usually taking their classes with me in the evening their time, so keeping them there and engaged for longer than that (after they’ve had a full day of school) would be torture! It’s been the perfect amount of time!

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Things I'm not crazy about:

Waking up at 4:00am is a little early (but I’m a morning person so I survive). Not only is it just a little early (hold the little), but by the time I start teaching at 5:00am, I’ve already missed a really big chunk of time that my students are awake and taking classes (3-6am MST or 6-9am EST). Thankfully, once I’m back in Germany the time difference will be much more reasonable and I’ll be able to teach longer, and at better times.

Would you like to teach with VIPKid too?

If you’re interested in teaching English online with VIPKid or have questions about what it entails, how much it pays, etc. shoot me a DM on Instagram or an email! Having completed the application process recently, I know what they’re looking for and would love to help you get hired, too!

And GUESS WHAT - if you enter my referral code on your application (or in the teacher portal if you’ve already been hired), you’ll get me as your one-on-one coach throughout the hiring and new teacher process! Trust me, this process is way easier when you’re not doing it alone! CODE: ANNA00412