3 months of small town life

Hello there!


How’re you doing? As I write this, I’m sipping some coffee out of a Weihnachtsmarkt Glühwein mug, on the couch next to my parent’s dog, Jack, listening to a guided meditation by Kenneth Soares.

This is pretty descriptive of most of the mornings of the last three months! May sound boring to some, but I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have taken a break from running around these last few months. Each day has been mindfully lived, coffee has been a plenty, and I’ve had the chance to really settle into the new person I’ve become over the last year.

Finding a time or two to meditate daily has been a saving grace, but at the same time one of my biggest challenges. Meditating that much really draws your attention to what your thoughts are on a regular basis. Things from “why did ___ happen”, “what can I work on today?”, “what am I doing with my life”, to “maybe I shouldn’t be eating yogurt, you know yesterday that really didn’t go well, but maybe its not yogurt, maybe I’m stressed, but what am I stressed about, is it my job, my friends?…”

You know what I mean?'

So anyways, looking back I wouldn’t quite consider these last three months a break from travel like I used to categorize it. I was living in a small town in Central Missouri, a place I had only really visited a handful of times over the last ten years, mainly while I was still in high school. So to say I was “going home” would be partially untrue.

I was technically living in a home of my parents, but the town was pretty unfamiliar at first and culturally very different from that of any place I’d lived in before. Small midwestern towns are not like Phoenix, San Diego, or like Germany. I feel as though it was a wonderful and unique experience to have gotten to experience this close knit community from the inside.

Living there not only reminded me how to stay present in your daily life, but also the importance of community, flexibility, and going into the unknown with an open mind. I will miss my parents, family, and new friends there very much. But I am nevertheless excited as I step into the next chapter of 2019. I hope to take the tools I’ve acquired for dealing with change into this new unknown, and allow it to become yet another amazing time of my life.

Thank you to everyone, especially my parents, for your endless love and support! It really does take a village (or two, or three, for this girl).