Happy 2019! Tools for Achieving Your New Year's Goals

Happy New Year!


I know I’m beating a dead topic but I’m gonna go ahead and say it anyways: This past year FLEW BY. From moving back to Arizona from California, to making the move over to Europe and all the trials and wonderful memories in between… That ish was jam-packed with all kinds of lifey-goodness. Something I remember from this time last year was the total fire I had inside me to get my Europe plan moving. Like, I was dead set and ain’t nothing was going to stop me.

With that being said, it’s the same spirit I want to bring into this brand-spankin-new year. I’ve got some new goals in mind, as well as some that rang true for me last year as well. I guess some goals need more than one year to accomplish?

Anyways, while I am not sharing what my individual goals are, I will share the tools I plan to use to achieve them.

Self Confidence

Self explanatory, but important. Your most important “biggest fan” is yourself. If you don’t think you have it in you, how do you expect to accomplish anything? I’m not talking about walking around treating everyone like they’re less than you, or that you could do no wrong, and everything you do turns into rainbows. That, my friends, is not healthy. But showing up for yourself every day, not beating yourself up over little mistakes, and allowing yourself to follow your passions, that’s the good stuff.

Faith and Surrender

I can be really bad about this, not going to lie, as I am QUITE a planner. But remaining strong in faith and allowing myself to surrender to the things that are out of my control were everything for me last year. So many opportunities show themselves when you keep faith in the unknown. The mindset sort of goes like this: “I know what goal I want to achieve. I may know my next step, but after that I have nothing. Instead of freaking out and abandoning ship, I’ll take that first step, and have faith that by doing that my next one will appear.” And right on cue, IT ALWAYS DOES.


Positivity is not the absence of other, more negative emotions as I’ve seen it be interpreted by people. Positivity, at least in my book, is acknowledging and feeling those negative emotions as they arise, and living your life to the fullest regardless. Life isn’t perfect and there’s no sense in treating sadness, disappointment, anger, etc. like they have no place in your life. If you haven’t seen the movie Inside Out, GO WATCH IT. Remaining positive during good times as well as hanging onto hope when you normally want to just throw in the towel is what living in positivity is all about.

Go out into the world this year with the attitude that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Someone, somewhere, said that “being the best, happiest version of yourself will make the world a better place” or something like that. It’s true! Who would you rather meet on the street, disgruntled, worn-out you, or bright and loving-life you?