10 Things I'm Loving Lately


How was your Labor Day weekend? I hope you all got to enjoy time off of work or school like I did! I'm petitioning to have every weekend last 3 days long. That extra day really just makes a world of difference! I stayed in San Diego and soaked up the sun and some fun times with friends. I swear, there is always something to do here and I absolutely love it.

Ever since I got this romper in the mail from Tobi, I have been wearing it every chance I get. This past weekend, I took it from daytime brunch to a night out in Pacific Beach just by changing my shoes! The funny part about this area of San Diego, that I am so not used to, is that I ended up having a fancier shoe on during the day for brunch and a more casual one at night. What? Lol the bar scene here is very low-key.

This week I just wanted to share 10 things I have been loving and obsessing over lately. You know - just cause we're friends, and friends keep each other updated with these things, right?

Loving Lately:

  1. This romper from Tobi - The print is hands down one of my all time favorites!
  2. Frank Sinatra
  3. Dainty gold necklaces
  4. Cold-pressed juices - like this one and this one
  5. These heels that look just like a Steve Madden pair!
  6. Tops that tie in the front, like the one I posted on Instagram the other day
  7. Being outdoors - hiking, beach-ing, mimosa-ing outside...
  8. This Downtown San Diego coffee shop
  9. This book on positivity
  10. Sushi, sushi, sushi! I've been on a big Philadelphia roll kick, but have constantly been craving it all like nobody's business.

Share with me some things you're loving these days! Now that it is September, I'm starting to think of all the yummy fall recipes I want to start trying. So SEND ME YOUR RECS, because I have very few (I also suck at cooking too, but we're trying to work on it)!